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Windows 7...

2009-08-05 17:17:57 by Franz24

I just installed Windows 7 on my pc and now all my software is gone.. I just installed Bryce again but it'll take some time until you'll see some new art ;)

Time 4 new art!

2009-07-21 05:29:52 by Franz24

The most art I submitted on newgrounds I already made some time ago, but I'm now out of art (submitted everything) so I'm gonna make some new art! =D Prepare for lots of ugly, horrifying, terrible, new art ^^


2009-07-20 07:10:37 by Franz24

Today I logged in on newgrounds and I saw... 2 new messages.. So I checked my messages and the first one was of someone who asked me something about my art.. and the second one, was an Art Delete Notification...!
The wierd thing is, I did nothing wrong! It was no photograph, it wasn't from someone else, and it was no animated gif... I hope to get an answer from Newgrounds why they deleted it, because I know it didn't look thát good, but it also wasn't bad and it was following the rules!..


2009-06-23 08:06:48 by Franz24

Some days ago I logged in on newgrounds and I saw.. The Art Portal! Finally, I've really waited for that 'cause I've got alot of art on my computer, and I think newgrounds is a lot cooler than DeviantArt ^^ So prepare.. for loads of art of me ^^

New song!

2008-04-30 09:37:33 by Franz24

I finally made my next song: Sound-o-Matic! :D Please give comments because if there's something wrong I can change it!